Dear Louise...

Dear Louise,

people from Kiel  - to south Germany, from Berlin -  to Indonesia and from Hamburg&n bsp; - to Bombay,  do get goose skin, when they do listen to your single performed songs and as well to the duett with all the guitars and the other female singer.
They get goose skin, because of this wonderful, powerfull music which you perform, because of you wonderful voice.
Because of the emotions you transfer from your soul into your music.
Their compliments are yours.

Sending love

Postat av: Margot Gistedt Nilsson

Minns du mig ? Kusin till din mor. Sitter och läser lite om dig. Du är lik din mor medn Anna var ju en kopia! Kramar

2010-01-20 @ 18:02:12
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Après avoir suspendu son activité pendant de longs mois, le laboratoire va pouvoir enfin reprendre ses publications sur son site officiel.

2012-03-20 @ 09:04:06

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